How countries like the UK & New Zealand are regulating vape use?

It is becoming more evident that the use of vaping products can be safer when compared to traditional cigarettes.


How are countries around the globe regulating vape products?


Countries such as New Zealand and the United Kingdom have cracked down on traditional cigarettes in order to combat the public health issues that are associated with smoking.


New Zealand and the UK have done this by encouraging the use of E-cigarettes. They have regulated the market and provided government incentives to replace traditional cigarettes with vaping products.


How is the public benefitting from this?


By regulating the market for E-cigarettes these governments have drastically reduced the use of harmful counterfeit vape products.


These regulations have influenced smokers to switch to E-cigarettes, reducing the number of people being harmed by the 7000 different chemicals that come with the consumption of traditional cigarettes.


According to the NHS UK, there is evidence that proves that a large number of people have stopped smoking with the help of vape products.


The Royal College of Physicians and The Department of Health of the UK encourages smokers to switch to vaping as a safer alternative. According to these institutions vaping is 95% less harmful than smoking. 


The New Zealand government has passed a law discouraging the use of traditional cigarettes called Smoke Free Environments and Regulated products Act. They have also encouraged the use of vapes instead of smoking in order to reduce the medical costs associated with traditional cigarette smoke.


What happens without regulation or when vaping products are banned?


If there is no regulation for vaping products or if there is a ban on the use of vapes, it can lead to a black market with dodgy products that do more harm than good. Whereas having a regulated market can help the public have access to safer vaping products.


Also, it costs the government’s health institutions far less if they recommend vaping products compared to the cost of dealing with cigarette smokers, as smoking cigarettes can lead to major health risks.


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