Vaping Predictions – 2022

For the past few years, there have been several predictions on vaping. Now, while entering 2022, we look forward to shedding light upon the 7 big themes of vaping. 


The blog will assist you in having an overview of the 7 most important incidents which could happen in the vaping industry in 2022. 

  • Regulatory Challenges: 


There would be more regulatory challenges in the vaping industry ahead. 

  • Synthetic Nicotine: 


In 2022, a regulatory crackdown might occur as synthetic nicotine will be used to circumvent regulations. 

  • Black Market:


Demand plus prohibition will lead to more obstacles and will result in the establishment of black market overall.

  • Big Tobacco: 


Big tobacco might get control of the alternative nicotine market. 

  • Disposables of Vape Devices:  


Disposables are going to be an issue in terms of vaping for the year 2022 as people are more concerned on focusing on how vaping can be better for the environment and as well as for the betterment of health issues overall.   

  • Harm Reduction Policies: 


Many countries are recognizing the benefits of vaping gradually, which can make a positive impact in the vaping community around the world. 

  • Popularity of Vaping: 


Vaping will be gaining popularity eventually around the world and there is a possibility that vape markets will be overcoming all the obstacles and gain over the industry all through. 


These are the vaping predictions for the year 2022. Hope the vaping regulations will be more impactful for vapers around the world! 


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