Vape Cotton: How to Choose the Right One?

Choosing the right vape cotton is vital for your vaping experience. The vape cotton bridges the gap between the vape juice and the heating element. It can significantly enhance or ruin your vape, as it touches both parts.


You can choose the right cotton material based on your preference and budget. To break it down a little:


  •   Cotton Bacon: Medical-grade cotton and wholly purified. It comes pre-arranged in long strands that fit perfectly into almost all vape coils. Great if you care about quality.


  •   Native Wicks: Comes pre-rolled and ready to slide into the atomizer. Best for the ease of the process.


  •   Organic Cotton Balls: Easy to use, similar to traditional cotton balls without harmful chemicals. A classic choice if you are on a tight budget.


  •   Kendo Cotton: A Japanese brand well-known for its ability to prevent vape juice from overheating. This cotton helps maintain the best taste of the e-liquid. The right fit for you is if you are picky about flavors.


  •   Japanese Organic Cotton: Arrives in the form of pads. You have to rip the pads into strips, then fray the edges to ensure sufficient absorption, then you will be able to feed the cotton through the coil. Many vaping purists prefer it. It involves a lot of work, so only go for it if you are an advanced vaper and care most about the process.


  •   Drago Egyptian Cotton: Does not absorb vape juice quickly or in large quantities. Hence, the e-liquid does not burn as intensely or as fast. This unique burning process results in a smooth, unaffected flavor. Go for it if your priority is a smooth experience.


The right vape cotton is any one of the above that works with your preference and budget.

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