Picking the Best Coils for Flavor

Picking the right coil is of utmost importance if you want optimal flavor. For that, you need to know how the coil works to understand its importance for flavor a little better. 


The coil heats the e-juice, resulting in the hit of flavor and vapor. Each coil has a particular resistance level. In general, coils with lower resistance produce more vapor and flavor, and coils with higher resistance produce cooler vapor. To know which coil will be ideal for you, you will need to try a few different options. 


For that, you need to know the difference between a top coil clearomizer and a bottom coil clearomizer first. 


Top Coil: If you prioritize flavor, top coil may not be ideal for you. Here, the clearomizer is at the top base of the central stem, so the wick has to go against gravity to soak the e-liquid and thus it does not soak effectively. This results in a loss of flavor.


Bottom Coil: In the bottom coil, the clearomizer depends mostly on gravity as it is at the bottom of the central stem. The wick soaks up the e-liquid more effectively, which results in more flavor. 

In other words, for better flavor you will need a bottom coil with a low ohm resistance.


Afterwards, you need to consider the bore of the atomizer head. They come in different sizes, but the larger bore creates more air flow, resulting in loss of flavor. Make sure you choose a small bore for the sub-ohm tank.


If you are an experienced vaper, then you may also want to consider a rebuildable atomizer where you build your own coil. They are your best bet for the optimal flavor. 

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