Increasing the lifespan of your vape coils

The cost of vape coils is as remarkably frequent as the cost of e-liquids, even though most people do not expect it when they first begin vaping. This happens when the coil is replaced as soon as the flavor changes slightly, but you can learn to make the most out of your coil once you understand how it works.


How long do the coils last?

A vape tank or pod can be refilled multiple times before the coil starts to burn out. The coil slowly degrades over time, and this causes a shift in flavor. The coil gradually loses appeal as you use it and develops a burned flavor. 


How do vape coils work?

A vape coil has a heating surface that vaporizes the e-liquid when you vape and is held in a wick made of cotton or fibers. While vaping, both the wick and the coil’s heating surface experience severe heat stress. When one of these elements fails to function, the coil burns out.


Why does the coil burn out?

Certain e-liquids contain a sweetener that builds up residue in the coil’s heating surface, causing the residue to gradually burn as it gets thicker. The wick in the vape coil can also burn if it isn’t soaked in the e-liquid. This can ruin a coil’s flavor almost instantly and you may feel an unpleasant sensation in the back of your throat.


How to make coils last longer?

Opting for unsweetened e-liquid will prevent the build up of residue around the coil. It is also important to constantly check if your vape tank or pod has e-liquid in it. Before installing a new coil, lightly wetting the wick opening with e-liquid can also help.


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