Does your vaping device have these 6 essential features?

Choosing a vape tank that is catered to your vaping style is only a partial win. The ultimate vaping experience is when you have a device that contains all the essential features. If you’re still unsure as to what those features are, this is just the read for you.


An easy to fill tank

The issue with former vape tanks is that filling them up would require you to remove the tank from the device. Now, with top-filling tanks, it is easier than ever to fill them up since it doesn’t need to be removed from the device. If you’re purchasing a vaping device, make sure it is top-filling.


Airflow can be altered

A device that offers adjustable airflow will meet all your inhalation needs, if you’re someone who can’t make up their mind. Some tanks offer deep inhalation, while others imitate the feel of a cigarette. Even if you desire a healthy in between, being able to adjust the airflow is always convenient. 


Designed to be leak-free

Goes without saying, no one likes it when they can taste the e-liquid or unnecessary leaks in general. A vape tank that is designed to be leak-free has components that fit like a glove, and rubber gaskets for the perfect seal.


Offers a mesh coil

A mesh coil uses far less metal compared to a traditional heating wire to cover the same surface area. It can produce a sizable amount of clouds very quickly without consuming the same amount of battery power as a traditional coil, while lasting much longer.


Durable wick in the coil

The wick is usually made of fibers or cotton and is built in the coil to withstand the heat of the coil. Heavy vapers are more likely to burn through the coil, which can be avoided if the coil has a durable wick.


A tank that lets you vape your way

The ability to vape in the way that’s best for the experience you desire is more crucial than a vape tank’s vapor production or flavor intensity. The ideal vape tank for your requirements may be one that doesn’t need any coil replacements at all if you want a vaping experience that offers the utmost ease. A tank that enables you to customize coils to your exact requirements might be for you if you want more control over your vaping experience.

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