Why Do We Need to Sign the Petition

With every passing day, Government Organizations around the world are getting one step closer to imposing strict regulations and restrictions on electronic cigarettes and vaping rights! It can be an outdoor ban on vaping, or requiring new products to be subject to Government review before it hits the market.  Whether it is an outdoor ban on vaping everywhere or requiring new products to be subject to Government review before hitting the market, it is affecting our freedom and our most basic rights. And this is not only as citizens of our countries but also as human beings.

We are all well aware of the harmful effects of tobacco. Now, we finally have a safer alternative to smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes. A number of studies and researches have proved that vaping is far much safer than smoking tobacco cigarettes.

By signing the petition, the Voices of Vapers can be heard and we can preserve our rights to try and live a healthier life. If your life has changed by switching to vaping, or if you have seen a member of your family or one of your friends whose lives have changed by replacing tobacco cigarettes with vape, you should sign the petition. We should also pass it on to everyone we know, for them to sign and support this cause as well.

This is so much bigger than just our rights to vape. This is our right to maintain and enjoy a healthier lifestyle.

We thank you for your support. Together we can create awareness, change, and enjoy our right to better health.

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