What causes dry hits and how to avoid them?

In a general sense, a burnt taste during vaping is known to all as a dry hit. Dry hits happen usually when the wicking material, like – cotton and others are not saturated properly enough with vape juice. Or, sometimes it also happens if the coil of your vape device burns the vape juice quickly. 


What causes dry hits?


  • The lack of a fully saturated atomizer is one of the major reasons for vape dry hits.
  • Decrease in moisture levels while vaping can result in dry hits, as well. 
  • If the operator is faulty, the burning of the wick would turn out to be problematic and it can cause dry hits.


How to avoid dry hits while vaping?


  • Check the voltage or the variable voltage option on your device. 
  • Check if you have a sufficient amount of e- juice in your vape tank. 
  • Saturate the coil frequently.
  • Switching up your vape kits & sourcing replacement parts can provide you with a better vaping experience. 
  • Try picking up another vape device or updating your vape device if dry hits happen frequently.


Vaping can offer you an enjoyable experience if you do it correctly. Dry hits are like a nuisance which vapers face often. By following these few tips one can avoid dry hits while vaping and can know about the reasons behind dry hits as well. 

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