Consequences of banning vape

Vaping is strictly for cigarette smokers who want to quit smoking and choose a healthier lifestyle. A host of studies have shown that vaping is more effective in helping smokers quit than nicotine patches or gum. Many public health experts warned that banning vaping flavors would result in more adults smoking cigarettes. It would also make vapers, who are vaping just to quit smoking, turn back to smoking as they wouldn’t be able to find a suitable alternative for the dangerous habit. 

It could also cause people to act dangerously because smoking or vaping serves as an emotional relief valve for stresses. If one means of stress relief, such as vaping, is made illegal then it would be plausible that more people would choose alternative means of handling stress. Moreover, banning e-cigarettes is almost certain to facilitate a black market and push vapers to purchase unsafe products potentially lead to additional health risk. Some vapers might also start making their own DIY vape devices to continue on vaping, and that might be equally dangerous as they can cause malfunctions or even make vape devices explode. It is extremely important to be sensible in understanding the problem and help the nation to adopt this alternate strategy.

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