5 Easy Vape Tricks You Must Try

Remember the first time when you lit up a cigarette and how the first puff went? From there to making fun rings and what not, we have all come a long way. If you are new to vaping, don’t skip the fun. Try a few cool vape tricks to join the fun!

We have pulled the top 5 easiest yet coolest vape tricks for you to try. So, here we go-

Bull Ring

All you need to do is, blow O’s! First, blow a mid-ranged ring. Now, you need to inhale that through your nostrils. It looks more like a bull ring on your nose!

The Lasso

If you are a big DC fan, then you must try this Lasso trick. First, blow out one big ring. Then, try to enlarge it with your hand. Make it quick. Blow out another small ring inside it. There you go!

The Dragon

You need to inhale through your nostrils as well. Try to inhale through your nostrils while doing it with your mouth but with a bit more force. Now, it’s time to exhale and show off your newest trick!

The Triangle

Blow out a thick ring. Make it dense. While guiding the ring, tap down the edges of that twice. For better results, do it twice. Seeing any triangles?

Bending Rings

Harry Potter fans, you can be a wizard now! Have your hand cupped by your mouth while you blow out your O. then follow the vapor with your hand and guide it toward any direction you want it to be. Ten points to Gryffindor!

Join the fun today! Keep practicing for better results!

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