BENDSTA For Scrapping Vape Ban From Draft Tobacco Bill

Bangladesh Electronic Nicotine Delivery System Traders Association (BENDSTA) has voiced their opposition to the newly proposed amendments to the draft tobacco control amendment bill, a press release said Monday.

The organization put three-point demands to the health ministry, including recognizing vaping as a “quitting tool” and separating it from tobacco products like cigarettes.

The draft amendments include a new ban on e-cigarettes or vapes, under which production, import, export, storage, sale and transportation of e-cigarettes or their parts will be prohibited.

BENDSTA president Masud UZZaman said “Research by UK Health Security Agency (Public Health England) found that vaping is 95 percent  less harmful than cigarette smoking. It is surprising how policymakers can ignore such an important finding..”

BENDSTA proposed creating a separate category for products like nicotine replacement therapy and vaping.

BENDSTA wants the health ministry to remove the ban on vaping products or electronic nicotine delivery system (ENDS) from the draft amendment, as part of its three demands.