Vaping Flavours – How To Change Your E-Liquid Without Ruining The Taste

There’s a lot of information out there about nicotine concentrations, vape maintenance and boosting your vape liquid flavours. However one aspect that is often overlooked, especially for those just embarking on their vaping journey, is how to change flavours without affecting the taste.

This is a problem that many seasoned vapers come across as well, not just beginners. Those at the very top of their vaping game often experiment with flavour mixing and vape tank cleaning. This blog will explore the wide range of problems that flavour mixing can cause and how to avoid them, as well as how to clean your vape’s tank before adding a new e-liquid.

Changing Vape Flavours

Whilst this won’t necessarily be a concern on pod mods or disposable e-cigs that do not possess a refillable tank, it’s only logical that vapers will want to change up their flavours every now and again. Whilst all vapers have their personal favourite, it’s a good idea to switch up the e-liquid you’re using to avoid phenomena like vapers tongue. Whether it’s a different flavour within the Nicohit e-liquid range or a different brand entirely, part of the reason that many ex-smokers have kept vaping and not lapsed back into the unhealthier habit is on account of the almost endless variety of flavours available.

Cleaning Your Tank

It’s only logical that changing your e-liquid to another flavour could cause the former taste to mix with the new one. If you’re a purist who wants to keep the flavours separate, then you’ll want to clean your vape tank between refills. To do so, you’ll need to unscrew your tank from the battery and atomiser and unload the old e-liquid into a sink with a lot of running water to ensure it dilutes. Next, get rid of any gunk that has formed in the tank by rinsing it out. Many newer vape devices have tanks that are strong enough to be rinsed with a little bit of soap, but you’ll want to be careful and only use a little bit so as to avoid damaging the device.

Will Mixing Flavours Ruin The Taste Of My Vape?

As with DIY vaping, mixing flavours can be part of the fun and can help you diversify your vaping experience. Of course, the enjoyment from the flavour will come down to personal taste, so make sure to try a little before filling the tank fully. It’s also worth noting that mixing different PG and VG ratio e-liquids can change the consistency, so if you want to mix e-liquids, try to keep these compounds broadly at the same balance.

Other Reasons Your Flavour Might Be Compromised

If your vapour tastes strange or off, it might not be the mixing of flavours in the tank. Below are a few other reasons why your e-liquids taste might change.

Burnt Wick

The wicking cotton in your vape device will degrade over time, so it’s no surprise that you’ll have to change it after a few weeks of saturating different flavoured e-liquids.

Degraded Coil

The coil is usually included with the atomiser and wicking cotton. This piece of wire is exposed to a lot of heat every time you fire up your vaporiser and eventually the metal will oxidise. You can change your coil alongside your wicking cotton and atomiser ad should do so at the very least every month.

Gunk Build-Up

Dried vape liquid in your tank and coil is especially common for high powered sub-ohm devices, and the burnt taste might signify that your tank needs a clean.