Signs That You Have A Perfect Vape Device

Whether it’s a vape pen or a mech mod, there is a range of features that will make your device a little bit more efficient and satisfying. As the vaping tech world has developed over the last one and a half decades, there have been many improvements to designs and technology that has led to the devices we see today. From the best 50 50 e-liquids in the UK to the new revolution of nicotine salt, there are now devices for all types of vaping styles.

Nevertheless, there are certain attributes to vape devices that make them stand out, whatever type or style of vaping that they are focussed on. Vape devices are an investment and can sometimes cost more than a hundred pounds, making it all the more important that you buy for your needs and for the long term. This blog will explore some of the things to look for in vape devices so that you can get more out of your UK vape flavours.

Back To Basics

Before we decide which aspects of a vape device you should utilise, it’s only fair that we give you a breakdown of what vape devices can do for you. As mentioned above, there are countless types of vape device on the market, from the simple disposable e-cigarette to the mechanical mod. Before we get into the specifics of your device, let’s run through what is on offer and how each type of vape device gives you a unique vaping experience.

Disposable Cigalikes

Disposable cigalikes are great vape devices for first time vapers trying out the smoking cessation tool for the first time. “First time” must be stressed; these devices rarely last for more than 500 puffs or so. Most disposable cigalikes are available from your local high street corner shop or supermarket and come in either menthol or tobacco flavour.

Vape Pens

Slightly more advanced than disposable cigalikes, vape pens are simple devices with internal batteries that allow for quick, low powered vaping satisfaction at the click of a button. These devices are usually fitted with a tank that you can refill. Don’t expect much power or vapour cloud from these devices, they’re mostly used for smoking cessation and casual, high nicotine vaping.

Pod Mods

Probably one of the easiest non-disposable vape devices on the market, the pod mod disposes of the need for a tank and instead uses disposable cartridges pre-filled with nicotine. The pod mod allows for quick and discreet vaping in a variety of flavours, making them a great first step into the world of vaping for first timers, and an easy to use and transportable option for longer term vapers.

Variable Mods

Variable mods give users more flexibility in terms of the power or indeed the temperature at whcih they’re vaping. Usually built with a tank, these devices give users the ability to change the voltage, wattage or temperature at whish they’re inhaling their vapour and have the ability to produce large plumes of vapour. There are often some rebuildable elements to a variable mod, so they don’t make the best starter device. However, if you’re looking for flexibility in your vaping experience, then variable mods are the way to go.

Mechanical Mods

Simple on paper, mechanical mods are actually very complex vape devices that should be used only by those who kow their way around circuit building. These devices offer powerful vapour inhales, but you must build the deck yourself.

What Aspects Should You Look For?

So now we’ve explored the different types of vape devices that are on the market, let’s have a look at some of the more useful aspects of e-cigs that can truly elevate your vaping experience.

Simple Controls

Vapers will no doubt want a device that comes with simple controls. Whether it be accidentally changing from temperature to voltage mode whilst vaping or just not knowing how to navigate your menu screen, simplicity and intuition really do wonders for a vape device. This is especially pertinent when it comes to first-time vapers who might end up returning to tobacco smoking if their vape device is not accessible on their first go.

Powerful Or Long-Lasting Battery

Battery power means everything to a vape device. Whether you’re on a long journey with no charging cables or you’re simply too busy to sit and wait for your vape to power up again, long-lasting and potent battery lives are key to a satisfying vape. If your vape device comes with a portable charger or the device itself is able to be charged this way, then that’s another plus.

Mini USB Cable Compatible

No one wants a vape device that requires unique cables to charge it. When choosing the right vape devices to stock, Nicohit’s e-cig wholesalers Manchester will always go for the devices that have the easiest charging cables for new users to navigate. Again, it comes down to simplicity and efficiency.

Clear Screens

Another use of the buzzword of the day – simplicity. A clear, distinct and brightly lit menu screen or LED indicator makes changing your temperature controls or variable current that little bit easier. This is not a demand for bells and whistles, but something easy to read and navigate when changing between vaping modes can make all the difference for vapers.

Coil Installation

In the early days of rebuildable mods, coil installation would require users to unscrew, unplug, thread and replace the base of a new coil. This could be a rather time-consuming and fiddly ordeal. Before buying a vape device, make sure to try and test how easy it is to install the coil and atomiser as this will undoubtedly help with quick rebuilds in the future.

Easy Refills

Whilst rebuildable dripping atomisers serve a purpose and provide a purer vape hit, e-cig and e-liquid manufacturers always prefer a simple top feed tank fill. If your vape device is more complicated to refill than it needs to be then reconsider whether you should buy it or not. After all, if you’re a regular vape user, you’ll be refilling your device quite often!