Is vaping less dangerous and more cost-effective than smoking? Yes!

With over half of the vapers in the UK having quit smoking for good, they have proven to be the most avid supporters of the device. Nicohit thought to give a rundown of just some of the reasons why this might be, and hopefully help other smokers make the jump too vaping.

Why is vaping less dangerous than smoking?

Aside from the health and financial benefits, you’ll find a huge variety of flavours and devices. When you begin on your journey, you may never vape the same way twice! Just look at the range of products available at Nicohit.

Now onto the health benefits of vaping. Below are just some of the reasons that the NHS has recorded that 2.9 million adults now vape in the UK, with 1.5 million of them having quit cigarettes for good.

Heat not burn

Heat not burn is an expression used for the vaporising process of e-liquids. Heat not burn devices heat up their components without the use of fire and by extension, the burning of organic matter.

Vaping works through the electricity produced by its internal or external battery, which produces heat that runs through the coil and atomiser of your vape device. This then heats up the e-liquid which is turned into a vapour, inhaled by the user. As you can see, this process doesn’t use fire, merely electronically produced heat.

Less danger of passive smoking

Due to its lack of harmful chemicals, there is far less danger on those around you from the vapour you exhale. Compared to exhaling tobacco, passers-by and loved ones in the direct vicinity are at far less risk of toxic chemicals.

Less danger of fires

Due to the lack of burning materials used, you are at far less risk of causing a house fire with vaping. The London Fire Department has confirmed that cigarettes are the number 1 cause of house fire fatalities in the UK. That being said, always make sure that you’re present when charging your vape device, as there’s always a slim possibility of electrical fires and vape overcharging accidents.

A social way to quit smoking

Not only is vaping far less dangerous than smoking but it’s also the most sociable way to quit. With many e-liquid manufacturers and shops providing a community base for vapers to swap advice on their gear and flavours, you’ll be less taking part in a smoking cessation programme and more joining a worldwide community.

Why is vaping more cost-effective than smoking?

So now we’ve looked at some of the health benefits of smoking, let’s explore some of the financial draws to making the swap.

Smoking advertising ban

Since the mid-noughties, anti-smoking advertisements have been regular hallmarks of television ad breaks and as far back as 1970, the US banned advertising tobacco products on air. Since the noughties, we’ve seen a rise in tobacco prices as more and more people have swapped to other nicotine replacement therapies like vaping, meaning that tobacco companies have had to up their prices to maintain their profit margins.

Smoking branding ban

As far back as the 1960s, health warnings have been issued on cigarettes, a further deterrent from using the products. Branding and logos on tobacco products have been banned for the last decade in the UK, leaving an off-putting swamp green colour on their products.

In comparison, vaping products such as those at Nicohit UK still enable independent artists and graphic designers to push forward their creativity on packages.

TPD Laws

The TPD Laws of 2016 put a cap on the amount of nicotine in e-liquids and vape tank size. Whilst these laws have put a limit on vaping, they’ve led to more creative ways of designing and producing e-liquids.

Many e-liquid manufacturers have started creating nicotine salts and short fills to appease the higher nicotine concentration users and to keep their liquids as palatable as possible under the recent laws.

Thousands of shops on the high street

With more tobacco shops switching to become vape shops, it’s estimated that there are over 2000 vape shops across the UK. This makes it even easier to find great value vape products.