How to Use Less E-Liquid When Vaping

Being able to tune your vape device’s settings to use less e-liquid is a handy skill and one which will save you more money in the long run. While you may think this is counterproductive if you like to rinse your tank to achieve large clouds, there are definite positives to reserving your e-liquid stores. Being able to take your vape out, without a backup e-liquid bottle and have it last, is something everyone looks for when vaping on the go. Carrying extra e-liquid around or having your tank run dry at the most inconvenient times is a part of vaping life which most people look to avoid.

Cutting down on your use of e-liquid when vaping may sound like it will dilute the experience, but this is not the case. It will be a different experience from the times you’re looking to produce giant clouds, but this has its own benefits. The clouds may not be as dense by using less juice, but it won’t detract from your experience. When it comes to vaping and customising your device, everyone will be different and it’s all about finding the right settings for you. For example, you may favour Sub-Ohm vaping for the lower resistance, but due to the way most devices operate to accommodate Sub-Ohm vaping, more juice will be used as a result. This is why it’s handy to know some other settings which allow you to reduce your e-liquid usage.

E-liquid Usage With Different Types of Vaping

There are many different forms of vaping, each suited to different users and the type of experience which they enjoy. Of course, each different type of vaping will use a certain amount of e-liquid, some more, some less – it all lies in the settings of your vape device. The key is to adjust these to achieve the right amount of e-liquid usage. The more comfortable you get with the controls and settings on your device, the easier and quicker you will find it to switch between different forms of vaping, saving your vape juice as a result. The settings will control how different parts of the device operate to produce vapour, for example, a low resistance coil which is used in Sub-Ohm vaping requires higher wattage and is capable of vapourising more e-liquid than higher resistance coils.

Lower wattage and higher resistance coils, on the other hand, will use less e-liquid and produce smaller, thinner clouds. While this may not be your preferred form of vaping, it’s good to have the knowledge of how to achieve this if you want to savour your e-liquid. Most of this power will lie with your coil and which type it is, as this is the integral part of your device which actually vapourises your e-liquid. You will have to choose your coils in line with the type of vaping you’re looking for, as the coil is a fixed component that can’t be changed remotely or by adjusting your vape’s settings. The coil’s resistance level (high or low) changes depending on how many times the coil wraps around, meaning you’ll have to manually change it to achieve a different level of resistance, or buy a few different coils to have on hand when you want to change things up.

When you adapt your device to cater for a specific type of vaping, you will need to accommodate the type of e-liquid too. For example, if you’re Sub-Ohm vaping, which produces larger and more dense clouds, you won’t be able to use the same liquid you would use for a device that has a high resistance. This is due to the nicotine content and the size of the hit you get from Sub-Ohm vaping. With a standard device that has a high resistance, the amount of nicotine you intake is regulated by the resistance of the coil and stops it from being too intense. With a low resistance coil, if you were to use the same e-liquid & high nicotine content you would receive a harsh and intense hit of nicotine which would be very unpleasant. This is why it’s important to choose juices with the right PG/ VG levels for the type of vaping you’re looking to do.

The chances are if you’re a Sub-Ohm vaper, you will know how much e-liquid your device uses and won’t be taking it out expecting it to last the day. Sub-Ohm vaping is catered more to short term usage with big results, whereas a device with a high resistance coil is more resemblant to a cigarette and will last longer throughout the day. This typically aligns with the experience level of the vaper too, with new users opting for a high resistance device to get their nicotine hit and help them quit smoking, whereas the more experienced users are further along in the process of quitting smoking and therefore don’t need a nicotine hit as big or as regularly throughout the day.

Top Tips for Savouring Your E-Liquid

The main thing to remember when looking for ways to cut down on your e-liquid usage is that you have plenty of options and the choice is yours. Vaping is entirely customisable to the user and whatever your needs are, there are settings or accessories that can help you achieve your desired experience.

The first thing to note is that wattage has a direct impact on your coil and therefore the amount of e-liquid it vapourises. If you’re using your device on a high wattage setting, you’re going to use more liquid, as the coil is able to vapourise larger amounts of juice in a shorter period of time. Lowering the wattage level will decrease the amount of e-liquid your device will be able to vapourise and in turn increase the longevity of what’s in your tank. The best thing about choosing a good quality device is that it will likely have all of the controls you’ll need to adjust important settings and will make for an overall user-friendly experience.

Switching out your coil is another great tip for lowering your e-liquid usage and will likely coincide with you lowering the wattage. Low resistance coils aren’t designed to be used with low wattage, which means if you’re looking to lower your wattage as a solution to using too much juice, you’ll likely want to change the coil to match the new level of wattage you’re using. This also feeds into the type of device you’re using and if you’re using too much e-liquid with your current device, you may want to think about changing it. Devices such as vape pens and pods aren’t as high-powered as the devices you’d use for Sub-Ohm vaping and will therefore use much less liquid. This doesn’t mean you have to permanently switch away from your beloved vape mod, but if you have the option of a vape pod for when your supply is running low or you need to make your liquid last, you’ll find it a lot easier to regulate your usage.

If you’re new to vaping and have taken it up to help you quit smoking, you may be unfamiliar with the amount of e-liquid you consume regularly. If this is the case, you may find yourself rinsing through a tank of e-liquid quite quickly but are unsure how to prevent it. Well, the best way to cut down on the amount of e-liquid you’re consuming, whilst still getting your much-needed nicotine hit is to choose a juice with a higher concentration of nicotine. This will mean you can still get the nicotine your body is craving without needing to inhale as much vapour to get it. Another way to achieve this is by opting for nicotine salts instead of standard freebase e-liquid with nicotine. Nic salts contain the same type of nicotine that is found in pure tobacco and is blended with liquid so it is able to be vaped. These deliver a much stronger hit of nicotine as they are able to be absorbed into the bloodstream much quicker than standard e-liquids. This means that with nic salts, you can get the desired nicotine hit while vaping far less liquid than you would otherwise need to.

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