Flawless has signed an exclusive agreement with ELF BAR for Vape & FMCG Sector

Flawless have teamed up with the largest disposable nicotine brand in the world currently, to create the new and improved Gee600, disposable Elf Bar vaping device. The Gee 600, with its new ergonomic design is packed with 16 powerful flavours and available exclusively to Flawless UK vape distribution for the vaping channel – www.flawlessvapeshop.co.uk.


Elf Bar, is the world’s largest disposable vaping brand. With the launch of the ELF600 last year, its quickly become the most popular vaping disposable device in the world.  Elf Bar have used their knowledge in vaping technology to produce the highest quality disposable vapes and rechargeable pod kits. Elf Bar disposable vape pens have been designed to be as easy to use as possible, making them a great choice for people who are trying to quit smoking and want a smooth entry point into vaping. Plus, not only are Elf Bar disposable vape pens a healthier alternative to smoking, they’re also much cheaper

“We are proud to have teamed up with the leading disposable brand in the world. Elf Bar have put their faith and trust in us to service their UK customer base, with our reliability, efficiency and knowledge of the UK vape market” Irin Maini from Flawless said.

Flawless UK Vape distribution are the UK’s leading supplier of vape disposables, kits, mods, tanks, liquid sand accessories. Servicing over 6500 accounts across UK and Europe, they started in 2016 and have grown to be one of the largest vape distributors in the Europe. A one stop shop for all your vaping needs, new account registrations can be found at www.flawlessvapedistro.co.uk and retail customers can buy at www.flawlessvapeshop.co.uk. They also have an ISO9001 vape lab, where they manufacture and co pack up to 40,000 bottles per day with a class 7 clean room; a CBD distribution business servicing over 3,000 accounts and 5 retail stores in the midlands.